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Full Moon, Full Hearts: Indigenous Bridge Program 2019

Yah’ateeh!   Hello!   I would first like to introduce myself as a Dine’ Adzaan.   My name is Vina and I am from the Navajo reservation.   I was born in Chinle, AZ in 1987 to my mother who is of the Taneezahnii’ clan, which is her mother’s clan as well.   My traditional introduction would include my four clans: The Tangle Clan (Taneezahnii’/my mother’s), Red House Clan (Kinli’chiinii’), Towering House Clan (Kinyaannii’), and Big Water Clan (Twoostonii’).   These clans mean I exist, therefore through me they still exist and are thriving.   I am now a 32-year-old, Dine’ asdzaan (Navajo Woman) who is one year and eight months into sobriety.   I currently live in Marble Canyon, Arizona.   I am a student at Dine’ College and a seasonal worker for a fishing lodge near the north rim of the Grand Canyon.   I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity for this trip to Tibet through a right place, right time kind of story. Synchronicities exist!  Ms. Pema Lhamo aka Meg granted

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